Mary Jane Canarias

Bio Cosmetics

Mary Jane Canarias is the first cosmetic line with highly concentrated, entirely natural ingredients that promises to revolutionize the sensory experience. It's crafted in the Canary Islands Biosphere Reserve.

The products are exceptionally effective because they're highly concentrated and made exclusively with 100% plant-based, quality ingredients, free from chemical additives and artificial fragrances. An important factor in the Mary Jane Canarias product line is the skin tolerance and physiological compatibility of the plant-based active ingredients used, respecting the biological and physicochemical properties of the skin, the formulations' affinity to nature, and the properties of the skin tissue.

Anthroposophic cosmetics, born as healing cosmetics, have both the origin and processing of the plant at their core.

"Only a product so deeply designed, 100% natural, can offer such valuable pleasure for the skin and the spirit!"


Mary Jane Canariass is a modern phytocosmetic line based on plants from the Canary Islands, particularly Cannabis Sativa. The products are 100% plant-based and entirely free from chemical additives and synthetic preservatives. The Mary Jane Canarias cosmetics line aims to maintain the health and prolong the biological youth of one of the largest and most important human organs: the skin.

"It's the perfumes you choose that reflect the light of your being."


The secret of the formulas is based on 100% natural ingredients, enriched by principles derived from the oceanic ecosystem, volcanic soil, and the sweet floral notes of the Canary Islands.

Inspired by anthroposophic medicine, Mary Jane Canarias utilizes the power of plants in their natural purity to provide elevated sensory experiences and, consequently, inner well-being and self-esteem. The products stimulate the body's self-healing power, helping it regain balance and stay healthy.

"When men and plants come together, great things happen."